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Pat's Ute Canopy

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With a fully optioned TSM Ute Canopy, Pat and his GU Patrol are ready to go just about anywhere.

So often restricted with a caravan in tow, Pat wanted to set up a 'home away from home' on the back of his GU Patrol so he could leave the caravan and head bush without missing out on the necessary luxuries. Some of the accessories include:

  • Colour matched two-pac paint
  • Dual fridge slides
  • Aluminium tread plate floor
  • Partition and shelf (to create an enclosure for fridges)
  • Interior lights
  • Dual rear wheel carriers
  • Ladder
  • Jacking Legs (not that he ever planned to take it off)

After leaving our workshop, Pat had the canopy insulated and lined, wired up with every electronic gadget conceivable, and was even considering fitting an air-condtioning unit ... just to make it a little more comfortable.

If you would like to find out more about our TSM Ute Canopies, click here

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